For our 2016-2017 concert season, we return with our Masters Series, which brings legendary artists from across the globe, presenting the most acclaimed artists from their respective countries and continents, including a MASTERS OF AFRICAN MUSIC, a MASTERS OF BRAZILIAN MUSIC and a MASTERS OF INDIAN MUSIC series. We are continuing the Counterpoint and Global/Local series which we introduced in the 2015- 2016 season and are excited to continue the Desert Blues, Collaborations and Origins series from the fall as well as our annual Indian classical dance festival, DANCING THE GODS.


The DESERT BLUES series presents artists from the Saharan region of Africa who are torch-bearers of an African musical tradition which has been traced by ethnomusicologists as having existed there for centuries. The late Ali Farka Touré once said of the desert blues tradition in his country “We’ve been playing this music for hundreds of years. The guys in Mississippi are playing American-Malian music, not the other way around.” 


The​ COLLABORATIONS series presents cross-cultural musical explorations and collaborations. The series often explores the ways that the music of artists from one culture have influenced the music of another culture, or the ways in which music of seemingly widely varying cultures can be strikingly similar or complimentary.


The ORIGINS series highlights artists who delve into the folklore and roots of their respective culture’s music to tell the story of their origins, preserving and affirming cultural identities and legacies.


The COUNTERPOINT series presents contemporary artists who push the boundaries of what “world music” can mean as the cultural divisions become less prominent in the 21st century. The influences that different cultures have upon one another and the inherent progress of modernity help to create world music that is at once unique and innovative. 


The GLOBAL/LOCAL series is dedicated to discovering and celebrating the international richness of the musicians and dancers living in the New York area. This series exposes these artists to wider audiences while celebrating the diversity of our city.