Friday, March 17, 2017 - 8pm

Pioneer Works

159 Pioneer St, Brooklyn


General admission unreserved seating



7pm doors/8pm show 

Opening act: Bulla en el Barrio, the first and only Bullerengue group in New York, they are dedicated to exploring the Colombia bullerengue tradition born in the Urabá and Atlantic regions of the country.  Bullerengue has evolved over the course of centuries, since the first arrival of Africans to what is now Colombia. The tradition is a manifestation especially from Afro, indigenous, mixed race and marginalized communities to express themselves culturally, socially and spiritually through music and dance. Women’s leadership and their power to engage communities into creative processes plays a prominent role in bullerengue. Through the stories the songs tell, and through the interactions with diverse audiences, Bulla En El Barrio also aims to encourage individuals and communities to explore ancestral practices and legacies that celebrate life and heritage. 




Presented in association with Pioneer Works


Susana Baca is a singer-songwriter, ethnomusicologist, folklorist, teacher, and winner of two Latin Grammy Awards. With a splendid voice and equally impressive interpretive gifts, Susana Baca is a primary exponent of the Afro-Peruvian musical tradition.


Baca was an important figure in the revival of Afro- Peruvian music which, like the culture that provided it, had previously been little recognized, but is now regarded as an important part of Peruvian culture. Baca contributed greatly to its international popularity when, in her later years, she came to worldwide attention in 1995, with her rendition of “Maria Lando,” a heartbreaking ballad of Third World worker oppression. It was included on David Byrne’s The Soul of Black Peru compilation that was released on the Luaka Bop record label. Since then, she has toured the United States several times and released numerous albums. With her husband, she founded the Instituto Negrocontinuo (Black Continuum) in Lima, which is dedicated to preserving Afro-Peruvian culture.


Baca’s smoky, ethereal voice has an ageless dignity, a rare authority  - Chicago Tribune


This concert is presented as part of WMI’s Origins Series.