Saturday, Apr 8, 2017 - 9pm

BAM Café

30 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn


Presented in conjunction with Korean Cultural Center NY and BAM Café


Limited unreserved seating and standing room


Baraji, while preserving the folkloric forms of both Korean music and dance, is known for the exceptional improvisation and spontaneity of their performances.


In traditional Korean music, Sinawi, the word Baraji is often used to describe improvised singing in harmony. Baraji’s performances derive from a Korean shamanic tradition known as Jindo Ssitgim Gut. This rite is used to cleanse the spirit of a deceased person. Since ancient times, there is a Korean belief that when somebody dies, their body cannot enter the world of the dead because of the impurity of their spirit. The Ssitgim Gut washes away this impurity.


Baraji’s performance centered on an intense and dramatic shamanistic purging ritual for the dead with singing and dancing uniting with prayers that the beloved deceased truly rest in peace. All of this took us - the living - to a beautiful and meditative state - Wall Street International


This concert is presented as part of WMI’s Origins Series.