May 11, 2018

Friday, 7:30 PM

(le) poisson rouge

158 Bleecker Street, Manhattan


$30 advance/$35 day of show | 18+


Standing room with limited unreserved seating


Celebrated Inuk performer Tanya Tagaq employs exquisite, unnerving vocal improvisations that bridge traditional roots with contemporary culture. The Inuit are a group of culturally similar indigenous peoples inhabiting several Arctic regions. Tanya’s heritage is never far from her mind, but instead of making her music nostalgic or folky, it has a political edge - growing up in a majority Inuit area, Tanya saw the effects of Canadian attempts to systematically dismantle Inuit culture. She learned the traditional practice of throat singing, amplifying it well beyond the indigenous communities from where it originated. Although she learned this in part as an act of love, because it has roots in her spiritual and ancestral heritage, she also did so as an act of resistance, reclaiming part of a culture that the government sought to eradicate.


She taps into humanity's most naked emotions and forces them into the spotlight... the best musical performance any of us had ever seen." – Vice Music


This concert is part of our Counterpoint Series.


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