Thursday, February 28, 2019

6:30 pm - 9:00pm

Globus Washitsu

889 Broadway (Between 19th & 20th Streets), Unit PHC



Tickets: $75 / $60 WMI members


Join us for an intimate evening of Japanese culture with live Shamisen performance by  Kouzan Oyama, sushi, sake, and refreshments in the beautiful and private Globus Washitsu, an authentic Japanese space in Manhattan. 


7:00 pm - Live Shamisen Performance by Kouzan Oyama followed by a Shamisen Jam with additional Shamisen players and a Q&A session

8:00 pm - Reception with Sushi, Sake, and Refreshments


This event is generously hosted by the Globus Washitsu.

All proceeds to benefit WMI's programming and mission.


*Please bring socks as visitors are not permitted to wear shoes inside the Globus Washitsu.


About Kouzan Oyama:

The 2018 Recipient of the World Championship of Tsugaru-Shamisen has frequently appeared on Japanese TV, radio and in the press.  He graduated Sakuyou musical junior college in 1999, majoring in Koto (the Japanese horizontal harp). Fascinated by the Tsugaru-Shamisen, the three-stringed Japanese guitar), Kouzan Oyama went on to study this instrument and received the master grade license of the Oyama style Tsugaru-Shamisen school. The young master also teaches in Shinjuku, Japan and as of 2013 regularly in New York, where many foreign students seek him out to learn Shamisen from him.


About Globus Washitsu 

The Globus Washitsu is an authentic Japanese space in central Manhattan, comprising of traditional shoji screens, tatami mats, and fusuma. It is an ideal setting for listening to Japanese music. Created by the Globus family with the assistance of Japanese carpenter. It has a full tea house where traditional Japanese tea ceremony on lessons are conducted. The Globus Family sponsor many facets, including music, of Japanese culture including Art, Film, Kimono, Craft, dance, etc. They also offer residence for visiting artists in their Ryokan (Japanese style living space). They collaborate with other cultural institutions, such as the World Music Institute to broaden the dialog between people from Japan and USA. For more information: