5th Annual - Japanese Salon with Tomoko Sugawara

Thursday, May 18, 2023 – 6:30 PM EST

washitsu 3

Globus Washitsu – 889 Broadway between 19/20th Streets, Manhattan

Tickets: $75 – member benefits apply – limited space

Proof of vaccination required, masks optional. Please bring white socks as visitors are not permitted to wear shoes inside the Globus Washitsu.

Join us for an intimate evening of Japanese culture with a live performance of traditional Kugo (harp) playing by Tomoko Sugawara. Sushi, sake, and refreshments will also be served in the beautiful and private Globus Washitsu, an authentic Japanese space in Manhattan.

Program – Sounds of Nara

Etenraku – The Music Palace of Yue
Katen – The Palace of Congratulations
Kochoraku – The Butterfly Dance
Karyoubin – Kalavinka
Seigaiha – The Waves of Kokonor 

7:00 pm – Live performance followed by a Q&A session

8:00 pm – Reception with sushi, sake, and refreshments

Tomoko Sugawara (Kugo, harp), studied harp at Tokyo University of the Arts and cultural history at Seijo University. She began playing the Kugo in 1991, and started pursuing research activities in New York under an Asian Cultural Council grant in 2007. In 2013 she founded Eurasia Consort. In 2018 and 2019, she visited Shanghai Conservatory of Music as a visiting researcher. She researched Tang Dynasty music and taught the Kugo. She enjoys playing harps from the East and West, including the Kugo, Renaissance harp, and Baroque triple harp.

More about Tomoko Sugawara

This event is generously hosted by the Globus Washitsu. All proceeds to benefit WMI’s programming and mission.

The Globus Washitsu is an authentic Japanese space in central Manhattan, comprised of traditional shoji screens, tatami mats, and fusuma. It is an ideal setting for listening to Japanese music. Created by the Globus family with the assistance of Japanese carpenters, it has a full tea house where traditional Japanese tea ceremonies and lessons are conducted. The Globus Family sponsors many facets of Japanese culture including music, art, film, kimono, craft, dance, etc. They also offer residence for visiting artists in their Ryokan (Japanese style living space). They collaborate with other cultural institutions, such as the World Music Institute to broaden the dialog between people from Japan and USA. For more information, please visit: http://nycwashitsu.com.