Since 1985, World Music Institute has been the nation’s leading presenter of traditional music and dance, inspiring wonder for global cultures. Through its concerts and events, WMI educates, engages, and helps to foster deeper cultural understanding among communities around the world. Ticket sales only cover a portion of our expenses. Help us continue our proud tradition of presenting the best traditional and contemporary world music and dance performers to recognize and celebrate the rich diversity of artistic expression.  As you know, it is our mission to expose members of our community to artists and unique performance experiences they might not have access to otherwise, with the goal of educating and inspiring wonder. Now, more than ever, providing opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of the world's different cultures and their traditions is of great importance and we depend on the generosity of people like you to continue our service. 


WMI gladly accepts donations from Donor Advised Funds, is set up to receive corporate employee matching contributions, and also has a brokerage account that welcomes gifts in the form of securities, stocks, and/or bonds. Please contact Gaby Sappington at for more details on these opportunities to support WMI.


All donations over $250.00 will be acknowledged on our Funding page as well as our Calendar Brochure.


Please lend your support with a fully tax-deductible gift. Thank you in advance for being a committed patron of the arts!