Our Team

Gaby Sappington – Executive Director

Being able to contribute in meaningful ways to the improvement of people’s lives has always been a guiding principle in my career choices. Serving as Executive Director at World Music Institute allows ample opportunity to do so. Thanks to the generous support of government agencies, foundations, members and donors, we get to present the finest in world music and dance at attainable prices for all. Our team is completely committed to the mission of fostering learning and a deeper understanding of the rich diversity of artistic expression and traditions from around the world. We aim to be the well-informed home for the vibrant community of members and individuals who appreciate the opportunity to travel the world without having to board a plane. 

Brice Rosenbloom – Artistic Director

Before moving to New York City in 1997 I visited and set up informational interviews with several NYC cultural organizations including World Music Institute, and I met with then Executive Director and Founder of WMI, Robert Browning. With a continued passion for international music and with 25 years of experience working as a creative and an advocate for culture in New York City, I am grateful and proud to join the team at WMI as the Artistic Director, focusing on curating our 2022-23 season and beyond. As the landscape continues to shift in our social and political world, it is more important than ever to find ways to bring together and celebrate the world’s many cultures. I am excited to continue the legacy of nurturing artists from around the world in New York City and online, especially as we look to the future of how we equitably present these artists and enrich our growing community.

Kate Winn – Interim Director, Marketing and Event Promotion

I have had such good fortune to work with some of the world’s greatest musicians and I love nothing more than to share their work with others. I believe that music has the power to break down barriers, and I am inspired everyday by these talented performers who have dedicated their lives to making our world a better and happier place through their art and their actions.

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Michael Griffin – Finance Manager

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