“We’ve been coming to WMI concerts for several years, enjoyed them all, and loved the exposure to so many cultures and musical styles.  Thank you for the great work that WMI does, which is ever more important in these perilous times.”

– Bill A. & Julie S.

“Thank you for bringing the world’s music to the USA. One of the many things that I love about living in NYC”

– Leo T.

“The World Music Institute is making an invaluable contribution to creating a global community.”

– Mary Lou H.

“What WMI means to me:  WMI allows my children to know that the world is a big and diverse and precious place.  It is always moving to see the souls of different cultures, and I thank WMI for making this possible with the convenience of a subway ride.”

– Kamakshi R.

“There is nothing more grounding, humbling and moving as a room of strangers coming together over the shared love of world music. We are one.” 

– Lauren M.

WMI PLUS At Home Testimonials:

“We felt like we were invited over to Claudia & Dan’s and Sonia’s homes for a cup of tea and a good meaningful chat and lots of laughter! Even though in reality I was over 6,000 km away… I really loved the cozy atmosphere of the event, and the chance to get to know these beautiful sunny soulful musicians a bit better.”

– Maija L. (from Finland)

“My WMI PLUS At Home experience with David Broza and Peter Yarrow was inspirational and motivating. During the week of Chanukah, it was fascinating to hear both musicians talk about their music experiences, non-profit organizations they are involved with, and listening to them share some of their music. This was certainly a bright light during a week of darkness. Thank you to the WMI for this fabulous experience.”

– Annice B.

“I had the opportunity to watch an interview with world renowned musician Carlos Nunez via ZOOM on WMI Plus At Home. What an opportunity to hear him discuss the history of the bagpipe, of the Celts, and to see some snippets of his performances. I’ve seen him in concert and although we must settle for ZOOM’ing these days, it was the next best thing to being there. Thank you for this opportunity.”

– Genie C.

“Excellent informative programming to open us up to different music forms from around the globe and to educate us about the subtleties and variants of the music.”

– John B.

“The world is a big place with many cultures and traditions. WMI PLUS At Home takes me inside musicians’ homes for an intimate look at the process behind the music.”

– John N.

“I am thrilled to be able to “attend” your online programs. I now live in California after relocating from the east coast. Your online programs are available to a broader, national and global audience. Please continue.”

– Joan S.

“Listening to the Master and great human, Zakir Hussain, tell music history and stories in my own house. It was superb and inspiring! In house learning, a great way to study! Thank you WMI.”

– Zuleikha B.

“This is my fourth At Home experience and each one was different from the others, yet they all made me more curious to explore the world’s vast cultures and traditions. Thanks WMI for providing a window into this fascinating world we all inhabit.”

– John N.

“I just recently discovered WMI when I retired and searched for interesting courses and cultural activities online.  I have been a professional singer for years with my favorite genre being music from other countries.  Having discovered WMI has opened a wonderful new world of possibilities for me!  I look forward to all their programs as my experiences with music from other cultures has been enriched beyond my wildest dreams! I am so excited when I discover musicians that I knew nothing about and their instruments that had also been totally foreign to me.  I really enjoy the interaction in the WMI PLUS at Home conversations as well!”
– Phyllis P.