WMI PLUS At Home Library

WMI PLUS At Home experiences bring music from around the world into the comfort of your home. Renowned artists share their lives, instruments, and stories from their personal environments, bringing an intimacy and uniqueness to each event. These talks are led by fellow musicians, journalists, and ethnomusicologists.

WMI PLUS At Home with Las Cafeteras and Juan Díes

Enjoy WMI Plus At Home with musicians from Las Cafeteras, a celebrated Chicano band out of East L.A. who are known for their joyous, multi-faceted blend of the folkloric Son Jarocho music of Veracruz with hip-hop, zapateado dance, and incisive social consciousness. Members of the band discuss their culture, music, instruments, and their commitment to changing the world through music in a conversation with Juan Diaz, a fellow musician and educator from the band Sones De México

WMI PLUS At Home with Simon Shaheen and Wanees Zarour

This At Home session  features a conversation of longtime WMI friend and acclaimed musician and composer Simon Shaheen with fellow Palestinian musician and educator Wanees Zarour. Shaheen, an internationally acclaimed virtuoso on both the oud and violin, talks about his extensive musical journey in promoting Arab music in the West and  demonstrates his instruments. 

WMI PLUS At Home with Anoushka Shankar and Priya Darshini

Join world-renowned Grammy Award-nominated composer and sitarist Anoushka Shankar in an intimate conversation with her friend and fellow  Grammy Award-nominated musician Priya Darshini. Anoushka shares music and stories about her career and her instrument and will talk about continuing her family’s musical legacy, not only as a musician but also as a humanitarian and activist. Anoushka has recorded and released over 15 albums as a solo artist in addition to the collaborations with her late father, sitar master Ravi Shankar. 

WMI PLUS At Home with Gambian Kora Master Foday Musa Suso

Longtime World Music Institute friend and internationally renowned Gambian kora player, Foday Musa Suso joins author, musician, and educator, Emily Bishton in a conversation about Suso’s music, his instrument, the 21-stringed kora from West Africa, and his fascinating career and collaborations. Suso shares music live and talks about his recent autobiography, “A Village Griot Boy and the World”, which Bishton co-authored.

WMI PLUS At Home with Hassan Hakmoun and Mike Rivard

Longtime WMI friend and legendary Moroccan Gnawa master musician Hassan Hakmoun talks with his friend and collaborator (and Club d’Elf bassist) Mike Rivard. The two discuss Morocco’s Gnawa music and Hassan’s creative process, as well as his instrument – the sintir, a low resonance, three-string lute. Hassan shares musical demonstrations and stories about his collaborations with artists such as Peter Gabriel, Ozomatli, Don Cherry, and Kronos Quartet.

WMI PLUS At Home with Brazilian Cellist and Vocalist Dom La Nena

Multi-lingual vocalist and cellist Dom La Nena joined journalist Catalina Maria Johnson (Beat Latino) for a special WMI PLUS At Home conversation from Paris. Dom played music and shared stories about her unique career path that took her from Brazil to Argentina and France.

WMI PLUS At Home – Chinese and American Folk Music with Wu Fei and Abigail Washburn

WMI PLUS At Home Ethiopian Music

Explore Ethiopian music “Inside and Out” with three artists who have unique perspectives: Kibrom Birhane, Kaethe Hostetter (Qwanqwa), and Marié Abe (Debo Band).

WMI PLUS at Home with Grupo Rebolu

Founding members of Colombian ensemble Grupo Rebolu and ethnomusicologist Michael Birenbaum Quintero chat and play music based on traditional Afro-Colombian instruments and musical styles including gaita, tambora, chalupa, and bullerengue.

WMI PLUS At Home with Dan and Claudia Zanes

WMI PLUS At Home with Seamus Egan

WMI PLUS At Home with David Broza and Peter Yarrow

Israeli songwriter, guitarist and humanitarian David Broza shares music and talks with his longtime friend and fellow humanitarian Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul and Mary) about creating music for social change, and the experience of recording his instrumental album “David Broza en Casa Limón” in Spain with Grammy Award-winning artist and producer, Javier Limón.

WMI PLUS At Home with Carlos Núñez

Multi-instrumentalist Carlos Núñez joins us for an exploration of the music of Galicia, Spain’s northwest region, which is rich in vibrant Celtic traditional music. He is joined by folklorist, writer, and educator Stephen Winick.

WMI PLUS At Home – Persian Santur with Ehsan Matoori and Max ZT

Acclaimed Iranian musician, composer, and educator Ehsan Matoori shares his mastery of the santur (Persian dulcimer), as we explore the instrument’s history and migration from Iran to cultures around the world. He is joined by national US hammered dulcimer champion Max ZT (House of Waters) as they discuss Ehsan’s latest project and exchange insights into composing music with traditional instruments to fit within a modern context.

WMI Plus At Home with Zakir Hussain

WMI PLUS At Home Armenian Duduk with Arsen Petrosyan

Arsen Petrosyan, master of the duduk, shares his passion for this ancient Armenian woodwind instrument made from apricot trees. Its mystical sound sets an otherworldly tone in film and TV soundtracks including “Gladiator” and “Game of Thrones”. The session is moderated by Sima Cunningham – a singer/songwriter of Armenian descent who has lived, volunteered and toured extensively in Armenia over the past 10 years.

WMI PLUS At Home Ladama

LADAMA features four exceptionally talented women from across the Americas who combine traditional and non-traditional instruments and styles into a unique presentation of Latin alternative music. For this event, they share songs and talk with journalist Catalina Maria Johnson (Beat Latino, NPR) about their recent album, ‘Oye Mujer’.

WMI PLUS At Home – Japanese Koto with Yumi Kurosawa

Yumi Kurosawa shares her mastery of the traditional Japanese instrument, the koto, and talks with fellow composer and arts veteran Theodore Wiprud about some of the inventive collaborations she has engaged in with other artists to create a unique interpretation of this ancient art form.

WMI PLUS At Home – Brazilian Percussion w/ Cyro Baptista & Billy Martin

Innovative Brazilian percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Cyro Baptista talks with fellow musician and collaborator Billy Martin (Medeski Martin & Wood) about their shared passion for Brazilian drumming, while showcasing various rhythms and instruments from across Brazil.

WMI PLUS At Home – Colombian Harpist Edmar Castañeda

Colombian harpist Edmar Castañeda plays the arpa llanera or plains harp, and talks with ethnomusicologist Jay Loomis about bringing this traditional instrument to the world’s stage with his unique style.

WMI PLUS At Home – Music of Tibet with Techung

Techung is a Tibetan singer, songwriter, and performer who grew up in exile in Dharamsala, India. He showcases traditional Tibetan music and instruments, and discuss the crucial work of preserving and archiving the endangered music of Tibet.

WMI PLUS At Home: Kathak Dancer Aditi Mangaldas & Rajika Puri

Award-winning Indian kathak dancer, choreographer, and Principal of the Drishtikon Dance Foundation, Aditi Mangaldas shares video excerpts from her choreographic works, followed by a conversation with Rajika Puri, dancer and co-curator of WMI’s annual Dancing the Gods Indian dance festival.

WMI PLUS At Home with Farah Siraj

Jordan’s Musical Ambassadress and WMI Honorary Board Member Farah Siraj in a conversation with noted world music journalist Tom Pryor about the intersection of Arabic and Andalusian sounds in flamenco, Farah’s work as a human rights/refugee advocate, and her musical collaborations.

WMI PLUS At Home: Indian Classical Music with Alam Khan and Saraswathi Ranganathan

Alam Khan and Saraswathi Ranganathan in a conversation about Indian classical music, the sarod and the veena, as well as the Ali Akbar College of Music founded by Alam’s father Ali Akbar Khan, where Alam is currently a senior instructor. Saraswathi Ranganathan is a musician, composer and veena master.

WMI PLUS At Home – The Music of Mali

WMI PLUS At Home showcases music and artist conversations, and takes a deeper dive into music and instruments as well as dance from around the world. This event features Balla Kouyaté (Silk Road Ensemble / NEA Heritage Fellow) and Banning Eyre (Afropop Worldwide) who discuss the music of Mali, showcasing the instrument, the balafon.

WMI PLUS At Home: The Music of Turkey

Grammy Award-nominated singer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol (Dunya Ensemble / New England Conservatory) and Ronnie Malley (The Band’s Visit / Intercultural Productions) discuss Turkish musical styles and traditional instruments.