Collaborations Series

Sunday, March 24

Corpus Christi Church – 529 W 121st st, Manhattan

3:30PM – Doors / 4PM – Show

$20-$60 Tiered Pricing

Seated – Membership Benefits Apply

WMI and MB1800 (Music Before 1800 – the longest running early music concert series in New York City), present kora player Ballaké Sissoko and guitarist Derek Gripper.

Malian virtuoso Ballaké Sissoko, widely considered to be one of the greatest touring kora players, joins Derek Gripper, South Africa’s leading guitarist, whose love of the kora set him transcribing and recording some of its greatest works, changing the face of classical guitar and giving the instrument its very first African repertoire. 

In this concert the artists look at the unbroken musical tradition of the griots of Mali, through French occupation and colonization, and emerging as one of humanity’s most astonishing aural traditions.

From Corpus Christi Church – “In this inaugural collaboration with The World Music Institute, MB1800 sets an intentional path into oral music traditions in a permanent assertion that early music is world music, that most boundaries are imaginary, and that our journey into historical practice has only just begun.”

The COLLABORATIONS series presents cross-cultural musical explorations and collaborations. This series often explores ways in which the music of artists from one culture have influenced the music of another culture, or the music of seemingly widely varying cultures can be strikingly similar or complementary.