Recipe from Mehrnam Rastegari

Kotlet is one of the best choices for a picnic day!


Mince meat (250 grams) 

4 potatoes 

2 eggs 

1 white onion

1 clove of grated garlic 


Salt and pepper and turmeric to taste

Toasted flour 

First, peel and grate the potatoes. Then peel the onion and grate it in another dish. Take the juice of the onions and add to the grated potatoes.

If the onion has water, your Kotlet will not stick together. Now add the minced meat to the grated potatoes. Add the grated garlic and the eggs to this mixture, then add salt, pepper and turmeric to the mixture and knead all the ingredients by hand until they are mixed together. We put the mixture in the refrigerator for about half an hour to rest.

Now put the pan on the flame and pour enough oil on it. Allow the oil to get hot enough so that the Kotlets do not stick to the pan. Take some of the mixture and put it in the palm of your hand and spread it into a circle or oval, then put it in the pan to fry.

Make sure to cut the Kotlets thinly so that the center does not remain raw.Put all the ingredients in the same way in the pan and lower the flame so that the Kotlets are fried with gentle heat.

When one side of the Kotlets is red and golden, use a fork to turn them over so that the other side is also fried.

Enjoy your Kotlet! You can make Kotlet sandwiches with tomatoes and pickles!